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Just to Leave an Impression in Your Heart

1975 was the era Taiwan’s economy took off and the year Shiann Yea Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded. Shiann Yea started with paper printing. With his passion and ambition, the founder started to come in contact with apparel-related products such as labels, tags and buttons.

Although the founder only had primitive equipment in the beginning, he believed that he could satisfy the customers’ demands with technique. Therefore, he bravely accepted projects such as buttons and label tags for the first time with clothing designers and started expanding the versatile possibilities of printing.

In an era when the progress of printing was highly limited, people’s perseverance was way more touching than any pictures.

Upholding such spirit, from then on, Shiann Yea has taken it step by step from sampling and designing to manufacturing until the designer’s imagination is finally realized. This was when Shiann Yea started to focus on the label production businesses. With 40 years of sound manufacturing and designing experience and comprehensive factory equipment, it now provides all sorts of conventional and digital printing services that make all imaginative dreams come true.

1975 Founded Shiann Yea Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1985 Stepped on the international stage and started to provide services to customers in the USA, Canada, Europe and other countries.
1988 Shiann Yea collaborated with Hong Kong Disney.
1995 Became the designated supplier of Adidas.
2008 Became the designated supplier of Taylor Made Adidas Golf.
2016 Succeeded by the second generation and led corporate brand transformation.
2017 Passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system.
2020 Established its corporate brand. Passed corporate version of TTQS. Obtained G7 Master recognition.
2021 Qualified for the Branding Taiwan project and forges ahead on the road of branding.

Creativity × Collaboration × Service

Finding Outlets for Creativity

Besides printing, we also provide one-stop suggestions for products with your brand label. Our applied label integration service includes picture examination when the label is completed, the selection and application of materials, item suggestions, the manufacturing procedure, quantity configuration before shipping, and packaging. We do everything we can to help you.

We can provide you with all sorts of conventional and special printed services, from classic paper, romantic leather, young rubber, to natural fabrics. Different manufacturing methods can present your customers with different experiences and heart-touching moments. We will make our best effort to fulfill whatever imagination you come up with.

Backing Up Innovation

In the past, corporations ran business by passing on their experience. Nowadays, they rely on looking up information to seek collaborating partners. Although business has changed, the service concept of Shiann Yea remains unchanged. We have a group of decades-long customers and are also looking forward to meeting new brands.

For large corporations, we can propose the most detailed and high-end solutions with our many years of printing experience and vertically-integrated procedures. We can meet your demands for functional fabrics, rubber products, or peripheral merchandise. For startup corporations, we can recommend you with label printed merchandise that best meets your budget and schedule with our understanding of popular materials and relevant technological maturity.

Providing Services for the Sake of Value

Shiann Yea is a service-oriented corporation. We also consider what we can do for you, instead of limiting ourselves in what we can do. “Competence” is our basic skill, while “what we can do for you” is our core value. We are proud of being able to fulfill your demands and continue our effort in becoming an integrated service consultant for labels.

Imagination is a powerful resource to help fulfill your dream accomplishments. Service is a tool that helps you make your imagination real and provide more energy and possibilities for your creativity. The accumulation of knowledge is a step-by-step procedure on all industries. For Shiann Yea, we are confident we can be your brand’s collaboration partner. You can keep your eyes on us and we will keep our eyes on your products. We provide services to accomplish the utmost quality imagination.