The company’s product attributes are diverse, and the basic order quantity is different. We can provide customized product planning services according to customer needs.

File format

AI or PDF are the main image file formats, if the customer has other formats, we are happy to assist in the conversion.


The cost structure of each product is different and the main factors depend on materials and methods.

For example, for the demand for 5,000 trademark products, the development and proofing cost is probably 20% to 30% of the total price of the trademark products.

We will provide a brand identification service that meets the needs of customers, and propose the most suitable suggestions for customers according to the material, method, size, color and quantity of the product.

After receiving customer approval, it will take 7~10 working days.


After the customer completes the order, it will take 12~15 working days.

Made in Taiwan

For the raw materials, the company uses fabrics made of FSC paper products and environmentally friendly recycled yarns.

The finished product has passed the standard test of OEKA-TEX, SGS, ITS and international sports brands.


Brand recognition service is the company’s specialty, providing the most professional integration services for customers’ product attributes and brand recognition needs.