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The company has been in the label industry for a few decades. Especially in sportswear label use. It started from printing label products to woven, plastics and leathers.

1975 was the era Taiwan’s economy took off and the year Shiann Yea Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded. Shiann Yea started with paper printing. With his passion and ambition, the founder started to come in contact with apparel-related products such as labels, tags and buttons.

Although the founder only had primitive equipment in the beginning, he believed that he could satisfy the customers’ demands with technique. Therefore, he bravely accepted projects such as buttons and label tags for the first time with clothing designers and started expanding the versatile possibilities of printing.

In an era when the progress of printing was highly limited, people’s perseverance was way more touching than any pictures.

Upholding such spirit, from then on, Shiann Yea has taken it step by step from sampling and designing to manufacturing until the designer’s imagination is finally realized. This was when Shiann Yea started to focus on the label production businesses. With 40 years of sound manufacturing and designing experience and comprehensive factory equipment, it now provides all sorts of conventional and digital printing services that make all imaginative dreams come true.

1975 Year of Founding
Shiann-Yea started in 1975 and operated in Taiwanese market during the era of Taiwan economic miracle.
1985 Entering global markets
Started participating exhibitions in both Taiwan and overseas to seek more opportunities of collaboration in order to enter markets of North America and Europe.
Collaborated with Disney Hong Kong branch in 1998.
1996 Having partnership with global brand
Shiann Yea started exploring the business opportunities of sport brands from 1996 in order to become the nominated supplier of their label products.
Became the designated suppliers of Adidas in 1996.
Shainn-yea has passed and been certificated by SGS test.
Became the nominated supplier of Taylor Made adidas Golf in 2008.
Became the nominated supplier of Ziener from Germany.
Acquired the certification of ISO9001:2015
The second generation succeeded the business and started to building the brand of enterprise and Shiann Yea is transforming.
Shiann Yea acquired certifications of both TTQS (Talent Quality-management System) and G7 Master.
Acquired the Branding Taiwan program from Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Acquired the certification of ISO14000.
Acquired the certification of GRS (Global Recycle Standard).


International Certification

ISO9001:2015 , ISO14000

IInternational Textile Certification



adidas A-01

Global Recycled Standard