ABOUT US Contact Us Everything Can Be Printed Just to Leave an Impression in Your Heart 1975 was the era Taiwan’s economy took off and the year Shiann Yea Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded. Shiann Yea started with paper printing. With his passion and ambition, the founder started to come in contact with apparel-related products ABOUT-history


ABOUT US Contact Us Learning × Sharing × Cross Culture A Learning Team For us, learning is a major aspect of work. How to improve a highly repetitive working procedure? How to maintain our printing and production quality despite using different materials? How to search for corresponding technology according to the complicated demands proposed by ABOUT-vision


ABOUT US Contact Us Versatility Comes from Details Integrated Procedure It seems simple to manufacture labels, but as a matter of fact, there are dozens of details. How should we draw the picture so that it can be manufactured by machines without falling apart? How can labels made out of different fabrics be solidly combined? ABOUT-service


ABOUT US Contact Us Accomplish Others Make Dreams Happen Safe Manufacturing For consumers, the label represents the spirit of a brand. It is the compression of culture, quality and taste. For Shiann Yea, labels further intensify the accumulated values and meanings of a corporate brand. Labels started off as a symbol and an icon. However, ABOUT-promise