Brand identification service


From customers/brands point of view,

to sharing ideas of using labels on product in order to make brand identified.

Identification service

Sharing valuable development experience with various tocology of productions,

various materials for choosing, as well as wide range of label product for reference.

Versatility Comes from Details

Integrated Procedure

It seems simple to manufacture labels, but as a matter of fact, there are dozens of details. How should we draw the picture so that it can be manufactured by machines without falling apart? How can labels made out of different fabrics be solidly combined? How long does it take for the colors of different materials to fade in the sun? Can our special manufacturing process meet the delivery time? If we let different corporations be responsible for the procedures of designing, manufacturing, material ordering, checking, and delivery, each part could have problems you do not wish to happen. Shiann Yea can help integrate all the junctions of label development and present your best product perfectly to the consumers.

Versatile Products

Shiann Yea manufactures versatile types of products, from common tags and labels, fabric tags and embroidery with great texture, to new-style transfer printing of 3D and shiny tags. We can also manufacture stickers, rubber labels and packing materials that can serve as merchandise. You no longer have to worry about having to deal with several corporations when printing different kinds of labels. Just send us one picture and we can complete all kinds of label products for you.

International Thinking

We not only have a complete manufacturing procedure, we also have a mature mindset about branding and abundant experience in cooperation. Since the founding of Shiann Yea, our customers have gradually evolved. We have more than 25 years of experience in direct collaboration with international brands. We also maintain the sincerity of a Taiwanese corporation, while at the same time possessing a mindset focused on global branding. We are familiar with relevant procedures and details, and can comprehensively meet the demands of large enterprises about sustainability, eco-friendliness and pollution recognition. As for small and medium-sized enterprises, we can use our experience to help you avoid problems you may encounter, thereby becoming the best partner in your development.

Package Manufacturing No Problem

Tags, Stickers, Packaging Material

We provide customized recommendations for printed materials with different textures, water-proof and tear-proof functions, and different paper materials. We use eco-friendly toxic-free ink. The colors are precise and clearly convey your brand image.

Clothes, Shoes & Bags No Problem

Care Labels, Fabric Labels, Transfer Labels, 3D Transfer Labels, High Frequency Labels and Embroidered Labels

There is not just one possibility for cloth labels. We possess versatile knowledge on materials and can find the most appropriate material for your label whether it’s athletic outfits or formal elegant suits.

Merchandise No Problem

Rubber Labels and TPU 3D Labels

Labels are not just for labeling. In the minds of passionate consumers, they play the main role! We seek appropriate derivative applications for your label, such as rubber magnets, key chains or luggage tags. We look forward to imagining the possibilities with you.