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Combined with the future development goals of the enterprise

SHIANN YEA is service-oriented and always thinks about what can be done for customers. The accumulation of knowledge is step by step. We provide imagination and creativity. We have clear goal planning and keep moving forward. If you are brave enough to take risks and accept challenges, welcome to join Let’s present creative ideas together, bringing different experiences and touches to customers.

Establish a perfect working environment and benefits for employees

SHIANN YEA has established an agile team. In addition, we have a complete organizational structure and clear division of responsibilities, effective management systems and operating procedures, and a comfortable working environment, so that employees are full of enthusiasm when they work.

Travel expenses 、Project Bonus 、Holiday Gifts、Performance bonus、Year-end bonuses

Labor Insurance、Health Insurance、Labor Pension

Employment health check 、 Employees get a health check once every three years

Free Book Borrowing 、Free employee motorcycle parking area

  • Special leave, personal leave, Marriage leave, Funeral leave
  • Sick leave, menstrual leave, Family care leave, Epidemic prevention leave
  • Maternity leave, maternity inspection leave, Paternity leave, Childcare leave without pay
  • Official leave, Public injury leave

Rising Star Recognition and Rewards、Employee birthday、Birthday Gift、Christmas Event、Corporate Travel、Year-end Bonuses