Careerd elopment

The company regards every employee as an important partner, and pays more attention to talent development. It joins the “Talent Management System-TTQS” and provides clear level training to achieve the goal of employee career development and sustainable management of the company.


(1). Construct a sound staff education and training system and learning environment with heart.
(2). Do our best to guide employees to acquire more practical knowledge and skills.
(3). Fully provide the equipment and resources needed for employees to learn and grow.
(4). Information related to education and training is disclosed in the company’s internal documents, and employees have the authority to refer to them by themselves.

“Diversified Training” “Professional Enhancement Creates Value” “Teamwork”

1. Employees are the most important and valuable resources of an enterprise. The main purpose of employee training is to make each department produce the best results, in order to discover performance, predictability and higher product quality.
2. The enterprise can put suitable talents in efficient and valuable positions.
3. Ensure that all capabilities of middle and senior executives, basic employees and new employees can meet the needs of the company.
4. Establish an internal training database and training examples as resources for follow-up office training.
5. Continue to carry out work professional qualification certification, key training courses and improvement plans to ensure the quality of training.

Newcomer Growth Plan

It is our responsibility to let every new colleague come to Shiann Yea to grow with peace of mind and stability. There are only “we” and only “partners”. We will arrange for each new colleague to teach, introduce the environment, know colleagues, and implement two A one-month growth coaching period and timely assistance, and the supervisor personally introduces the company’s vision and core values, so that new partners can quickly integrate into the corporate culture and put into work to develop their capabilities.