Printing Label Products

Hang Tag


Provide a variety of modes and material selections, you can make customized hangtags according to your needs, to complete the creativity you want, not limited to the shape of the hangtag, you can also make different hangtags with other accessories.

In addition, for a small number of customers with different changes and cost considerations, digital printing production methods are recommended.


Widely used in almost all kinds of the industries.

Various kinds of the materials such as paper boxes, paper bags, zipper-lock bags, paper hangers(used in sandals or flip flops).

The application integration of packaging will be provided based on the industries owing to the diverse usages.

Heat Transfer

The widely used materials are ribbon and nylon.

Mostly applied in the apparel and footwear.

Non-slip belt & neckties are the potential products.

Textile related certification or the 3rd party testing (ex: SGS, BV, etc.).


Brand image related products.

Information related products.

The digital printing application integration.