Printing Label Products

PRODUCT Contact Us Hang Tag Provide a variety of modes and material selections, you can make customized hangtags according to your needs, to complete the creativity you want, not limited to the shape of the hangtag, you can also make different hangtags with other accessories. In addition, for a small number of customers with different Printing Label Products

Woven Label Products

PRODUCT Contact Us Woven Label Widely used in several kinds of products such as apparel, footwear, and accessories. Ribbon & tape related products are potential. Cultural and creative products & gifts are also the penetration. Care Label / Composition Label / Main Label Different label options, according to the customer’s clothing material information, provide a Woven Label Products

Leather Label Products

PRODUCT Contact Us TPU Patch Functional products application such as reflective & fluorescent patches. Skin-friendly property for the apparels. Widely used in apparels & accessories. Various kinds of materials (ex: PU, TPU) will be provided if needed. Leather Patch Leather labels can be used on jeans, backpacks, etc. and can be colored or embossed. Reflective Leather Label Products

Silicon Label Products

PRODUCT Contact Us PVC Patch / Silicone Patch These products are widely used in various products such as clothing, bags, shoes and hats. The finished product has a sense of quality, which strengthens the brand value of the customer’s product to consumers. Others can provide different processes to meet the customer’s effect presentation requirements. Hangtag Silicon Label Products