Employees × Benefits × Goals Combined with the future development goals of the enterprise SHIANN YEA is service-oriented and always thinks about what can be done for customers. The accumulation of knowledge is step by step. We provide imagination and creativity. We have clear goal planning and keep moving forward. If you are brave enough WELFARE


ABOUT US 線上諮詢 Everything Can Be Printed Just to Leave an Impression in Your Heart The company has been in the label industry for a few decades. Especially in sportswear label use. It started from printing label products to woven, plastics and leathers. 1975 was the era Taiwan’s economy took off and the year Shiann History


Education Training×Goal forward Self-study and course assistance Emphasis on the learning and development of each employee, and the continuous improvement of employee capabilities are part of the growth of the company. Cultivating outstanding talents is an important key to strengthening competitiveness. Helping employees learn for their positions or future work. – Corporate Learning Professional Program CAMPAIGN


Careerd elopment The company regards every employee as an important partner, and pays more attention to talent development. It joins the “Talent Management System-TTQS” and provides clear level training to achieve the goal of employee career development and sustainable management of the company. Train (1). Construct a sound staff education and training system and learning CARRER DEVELOPMENT

Brand Identification Service

SERVICE Contact Us SHIANN YEA provides complete service and strict control for trademarks with years of rich development and production experience to ensure the perfect presentation of trademarks and gain customers’ trust in SHIANN YEA. This is the spirit of SHIANN YEA’s service.

Logo Application

SERVICE Contact Us Logo application “Present high-quality LOGO to create value for the brand” is SHIANN YEA’s goal! From a professional point of view, we provide customers with more suggestions for establishing brand identity. While enriching the use of trademarks, it also consolidates the value of the customer’s brand and creates infinite possibilities for brand Logo Application

Packaging Quality Control

1.Assist the operation process of the supplier contract.

2.Shipping and Protecting Products.

3.Assist the factory in arranging itineraries, sorting out forms, and tracking progress…..

Factory Affairs

1.Assist in processing supplier contracts.

2.Shipping and Protecting Products.

3.Work order processing.