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Safe Manufacturing

For consumers, the label represents the spirit of a brand. It is the compression of culture, quality and taste. For Shiann Yea, labels further intensify the accumulated values and meanings of a corporate brand. Labels started off as a symbol and an icon. However, as a brand interacts with the hearts of people after a period of time, the label becomes the representative of integrity. It is an accumulation and exchange of trust between the brand and the consumer, which only people with great taste can recognize.

The printing, publishing and manufacturing of label products has specialists responsible for each stage of operation. In the early stage of sampling, we discuss with customers the way the product should be presented. We make up the gap between designing and mass production by paying attention to the details of the pictures and the actual product.

Safe Delivery

Given that labels are important to all people, we must concentrate on every detail. The service scope of Shiann Yea includes printing, fabrics, plastic injection, leather shaping, paper, packaging and so on. All items are completed by Shiann Yea and no procedures are carried out by other companies. This one-stop integration is the result of our 40 years of experience. We do so solely in dedication to creating an industry that brings exclusive meanings and values to our customers’ brands.

Moreover, we improve along with the times. Our scope of consideration covers protocols on raw material chemical properties, laws related to environmental protection, and various physical tests. We believe price is a relative value. We believe that reducing our customers’ risks, reducing communication time and costs, and delivery methods that can reach minimum return rate is the most economic and efficient trade for us and our customers.

Safe Usage

How can we make our products better than those of others when using the same colors, technologies and manufacturing process? The key is a step-by-step and steadfast manufacturing process. As the old saying goes, “one step at a time.” This is no exception in product manufacturing. Regardless of the industry, only a complete manufacturing sequence can create products that approach perfection. As many corporations are taking back more and more manufacturing process instead of letting them be done externally, Shiann Yea is still trusted by brands globally. This is because we are rigorous and steadfast in our manufacturing process. Only by doing so can a brand and its consumers have the perfect label that represents their character and attitude to life.