Branding, build a brand for the enterprise.

Brand represents company’s mission and vision.
(also includes elements below)

Philosophy of company operation.

Culture of the company.

Value of the company.

Attitude to treat the customers.


The practitioner of brands’ label. Only exclusive and significant.


Be the one with brands all around the world.

Learning × Sharing × Cross Culture

A Learning Team

For us, learning is a major aspect of work. How to improve a highly repetitive working procedure? How to maintain our printing and production quality despite using different materials? How to search for corresponding technology according to the complicated demands proposed by our customers? These are all issues we have to constantly learn and improve in our daily work. This knowledge and practice will all become our nutrition, enabling us to grow into a contemporary craftsperson.

Concept of a Sharer

Printing is regarded as a sunset industry in this era of digitalization. However, we believe the application field of printing is limitless. From the thickness of ink, the fineness of printing plates, the reduction of color difference, and the usage of various materials from paper and fabrics to compound materials, each form of presentation creates brand new possibility. What Shiann Yea intends to do is to position itself as the brain of multiple industries. While constantly absorbing new technologies and getting deep into various techniques, we expect to carry out further interaction and collaboration with our peers.

Cross Culture Talent

We focus on the perfection of each printed thread and the precision of each color coordination, shape and die-cut mold. We are also enthusiastic about the interaction of the results. We take pride in using various technologies to fulfill our mission. We light up every time we receive an unfamiliar commission for production. We hope that with our mature techniques and structural knowledge, we can innovate and seek breakthroughs in the field of label production. Our customers include those from the USA, Canada and Europe. We continue to march towards the world from this small self-made base!

Core Value

Planning, sustainable development for the enterprise.

E / environment

Prevention and control of environmental pollution such as greenhouse gas emissions, sewage management, and biodiversity.

S / social

Customer benefits, labor relations, diversification, and other related parties affected by the industry.

G / governance

Business ethics, competitive behavior, and supply chain management are related to company stability and reputation.